How to Remove the Passcode in iPhone by removing the data

Remove the Passcode in iPhone by removing the data

Apple is a technology major company. It was started in a garage in mid 70’s and since then it has produced a lot of products such as Mac computer series, iPod and iPhone etc. Today, we enjoy not only its products but services such as iTunes, App Store etc also. There has been a reliability generated among its users with time. The main reason behind this much of reliability is its security feature that Apple offers in its devices.

There have been numerous cases when someone forgets his Pass code and then find himself unable to get into his own device. This issue has been taken seriously by Apple iPhone support Ireland and hence it has provided you the steps that you can follow while getting your device back. But there is a cost which you have to bear while following these strides. This cost is in the form of losing your data. After resetting your phone, you cannot get your data back unless you have backed it up somewhere else.

Learn these strides in order while resetting your iPhone through iTunes:

1. You need to have your Apple ID and password before making any step further. This is the same previous ID that was originally used to setup your device.

2. To complete this process without any difficulty, charge your iPhone up-to at least 20%.

3. Press the power button until it asks you to slide to power off.

4. Now, separately open iTunes in another Mac or PC with your ID.

5. If your device is iPhone 7 or 7 plus then hold down the volume button and the home button on any other iPhone.

6. At the same time, plug in your phone into your Mac. Make sure the button is still pressed or held on.

7. Now your phone will switch on in recovery mode.

8. Allow iTunes to format your phone and enter your password and ID to recover your phone back.

This was the way that you have to follow while getting your iPhone back. If you are facing any problem in following the above steps then you can contact Apple technical support Ireland from any device. This support team will help you in the above procedure and will make sure that your problem is solved without wasting any time.

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