Fixing lost Wi-Fi connection of Mac

How to Fix lost Wi-Fi connection of Mac

Is your Mac unable to connect to the internet? Cannot get online because of lost WiFi connection on your device, or is WiFi down? Read down on how to fix apple device with no internet connection or weak or faulty WiFi connection.

There are six best possible solutions to fix the internet connectivity issue. Let’s have a have a look on each of them:

  1. Wireless Diagnostics: A new tool was introduced called as Wireless Diagnostics in Mac OS X 10.8.4 Apple. It can be used to get more from the wireless connection. It doesn’t change any settings automatically.
  2. Observe the graphs: After clicking on Performance in the opened window, you will notice one or more graphs. The top graph indicates the data rate in Mbps of the wireless network.
    The graph in the center shows the ratio of signal to noise over the time. While the bottom graph shows both signal strength and measures noise.
  3. Using the 5GHz network: 5GHz has a shorter range than 2.4GHz but there will be less interference as other domestic appliances don’t use that frequency. Mac and iOS devices support 5GHz.
  4. Installing a WiFi extender: Because of fixed connection to your broadband or cable socket, then buy a separate wireless access point. It will allow you to have more freedom in placing the wireless base station in order to maximize the range and minimize the noise.
  5. Update macOS or Mac OS X: Keep making software fixes and improvements that can enhance the performance of Mac OS X wireless connectivity.
  6. Update the router firmware: Do check that your router is running the updated firmware. Upgrading the router and modem to the updated the firmware depends on the router you are using.

Contact Apple Support Ireland for more methods-

If the connectivity issue still persists then contact on Apple Support Ireland number +353-212063254. Our technicians are available at your service 24/7.

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